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Restaurants in Tossa de Mar, where you can enjoy good food tossenca, Mediterranean and international.

Very good Paellas, dishes, fish and a great many things, is what you can taste in these restaurants.


In the promenade of Tossa de Mar and beautiful views of the bay, this is a pizzeria, with more than 20 varieties of pizza and a wide range of starters, pastas and meats. All made with creativity and hard trying to offer dishes that will leave even the most discerning palates.

In the late 70's comes this cozy pizzeria, but it was in 2003 when Nino (a native of Modena) and Gemma (born in Tossa) open their doors offering their kindness with typical dishes of Italian cuisine.
You can try one of the best pizzas in the Costa Brava and visit one of the most charismatic and distinctive villages, with history, tradition and devotion. !

Restaurant Maritim is in Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava, with the best fish of the sea, there tasting menu and seasonal menus. Where you can test your tasting menu is a real pleasure.

In our restaurant you can find a variety of dishes such as, suquet fish, lots of paella and rice, baked fish, etc ...
Since 1982, the family works to maintain seafood quality and unbeatable price, worth a good palate.
One of the best paella in Tossa de Mar

Restaurante Santa Marta

Our restaurant was opened in 1986. With friendly facilities and a dedicated service to make you feel at home, the Santa Marta restaurant offers ends with a traditional local cuisine, Catalan cuisine based on the use of fresh raw materials, selected and first quality. A varied menu, pleasant ambience and a warm welcome. This is a great recipe for Santa Marta, in addition to being located within the walled area of ??Tossa, in a very friendly atmosphere.