Paintball     Introduction


Paintball is a sport discovered in the years 70/80, USA.

The idea came after seeing a gun that shoots paintballs to mark trees and livestock thus creating the first paintball field outdoors.

Later he was in Australia where he created the first field uncovered.

Is expanding rapidly in Europe, although Spain is not introduced until 1992, without success, however, in the year 1994, re-emerging Paintball fields with success assured, as Can Garriga Paintball open from 1994

And in 2010 Spain, this up to countries like France and England Paintball fields, reaching nearly 300 camps scattered across the peninsula and islands.

Paintball today is one of the greatest sports around the world boom held numerous competitions, world championships, leagues, etc.

After this brief explanation of what paintball is, then we detail how we organize in Can Garriga, so you can spend a pleasant day, playing paintball.

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