Paintball     Description of Activity

Description of Activity

Paintball is a sport or game played, preferably outdoors, on stage ready.

The game is to eliminate the opposing team, shooting with a marker (gun) paint balls, which explode on impact, once you are eliminated staining of the game, and you wait for the next game.

Can playing conditions Garriga:

  • Group minimum of 8 players. 4 vs 4
  • Differentiated by monkeys of different colors (each team a color).
  • Do not mix groups, each playing independently.
  • Each player has a set number of paintballs (see rates).
  • The duration of the game is about 2h, 10min games. rotating the 4 fields.
  • Fields of play: 4
  • 1 Monitor by group
  • It is a sport suitable for people of all ages and completely secure without any risk, since the balls (biodegradable) are totally harmless, you only need to carry protective masks for face, eyes and ears.

    It is a very complete sport, and we exercise our body, we are in contact with the environment, develop strategy skills, team play and, above all, the adrenaline rush and fun.

    Paintballs do not hurt on impact, just itch.

    Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Girona, Catalonia

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