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Game Rules

Below we give the rules of play and safety, the monitor I said before playing.

* Monitor the REFEREE
* REQUIRED MASCARA in targeted areas, or reported by the monitor
* Dummy of the markers ever since, except when you play
* Shooting distance not less than 8/10mts (mandatory and punishable)
* Insurance of the marker, as always, after play.
* Non-alcoholic beverages during the game.
* Do not handle the ground ball, spoil the marker.
* Protect the environment, material and facilities.
* Failure to follow the rules of play and safety, will lead to the expulsion of the game.
* Enjoy playing

Our monitors are / were amateur players racing paintball

Notes for Players

* The balls do not hurt, just itch, so security measures in the distance, are important, closer to more bites.
* Do bruising the balls?, Depends on the distance. Recommended Distance: +8 / 10mts
* The mask always clean referees
* Each group will monitor
* Minimum per group: 8 players (4 vs4)
* Under 14 years, with parental permission

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Girona, Catalunya

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