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Paintball competition

The competition paintball is played on a 50x30 field measures approximately divided into 2 equal parts i symmetric, and inflatable obstacles.

The surface of the field, can be artificial or natural grass, turf or dirt, the field is surrounded by a network of 6 meters. height so that the balls do not leave the playing area.

The paintball competition has its own rules, which is governed, with appropriate variations, for the international tournament Millennium Series.

Today, and throughout the world, there are many tournaments and leagues.

The most important of Europe is the Millennium Series

Since 2002, Can Garriga, we decided to get involved in paintball competition, due to the demand for recreational players who wanted to devote himself to play paintball more frequent.

Along with other paintball fields, organized the 1 st Catalan paintball league, first in Spain, with several stages, which were played in various paintball fields of the Catalan community.

Due to the success in Catalonia and in Spain also began to appear teams wanted to play paintball competition, which began to create more leagues around the country, we engage more and began to organize and co-organizing national and international tournaments.

The most important thing for us is our tournament, we held since 2003, and in late August, OPEN CAN GARRIGA PAINTBALL, one of the most important tournaments in Spain.

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Girona, Catalunya

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