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Competition Zone

Can Garriga, we have an exclusive area only for the competition, apart from the recreational paintball, which allows us to have Leisure groups and make paintball tournaments at once, without bothering each other.

Catalan paintball league, the Open Can Garriga and SPPL. (Spanish Paintball League) was held in this area.

Competition paintball equipment, Catalan, trained in our field as a minimum once a month.

The competition area consists of:

* 1 artificial turf field with inflatables
* Area players covered with tables and chairs
* Area 4500psi air
* Area chrono
* Area of ??Referees
* Bar
* Bathrooms (coming soon)


Besides being able to play, the site is ideal for stage equipment, clinics, paintball courses, etc. And it would also have a farmhouse to house 100 mts of the play areas.

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